Top 5 Benefits of Amla


Amla is one of the most useful food in our daily life time it is good to reading for most common problems that we face on a day to day basis Amla known as Indian very it is a wonderful fruits packed with many benefits Amla is packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex it also contains minerals such as calcium iron phosphorus,chromium, which play a crucial role in maintaining overall health.
Helps in weight loss
You can drink a glass of freshly prepared Amla juice mid-morning to lose weight on the other hand you can have one whole Amla in the morning to kick start your day. It’s fight obesity and help you to lose weight. Amla the presence of fibre helps in blushing waste from the body and help control cravings.

Boosts Immunity

The fruit is a rich source of vitamin B and C Complex and antioxidants. The presence of anti-inflammatory compounds in Amla helps in lowering the level of inflammation in the body .so making a habit of having an Amla in the morning either in the raw and on the other hand as a juice can make you less at risk to diseases and keep you healthy.

Reduce cholesterol

Amla prevents the buildup of bad cholesterol in the arteries and promotes heart health it also block the activity of a enzem which plays crucial role in the production of cholesterol .consequently ,Metro new include Amla in your diet to control cholesterol level and keep your heart healthy.

Strengthens Bones

Include all a in your diet along with other calcium rich foods. It is also reported that this fruit can hinder the break down of bone cell , the cells of the bone . To make your bones strong and healthy, snack on a handful of all a bonbons or raw amla cubes dust with salt and pepper.

Nourishes the hair
Amla is a real native superfood that is packed with nutrients and has effectively no Side Effects. Amla also act as a wonderful home remedy for the dandruff grey hair and hair fall .Amla is well known as and natural hair conditioner. Its unmedicinal properties prevent and cure and infection of the scalp thus helping you to get rid of dandruff.

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