Now a days what is the common problem we face as we look older than our actual age that is also called premature aging. The reason behind this unhealthy Lifestyle,stress , lack of sleep ,a low protein diet ,smoking. Here are the top five foods that make you look older than your age, you just need to add in your diet.




Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate helps reduce dark spots it also work to bring back skin moisture .Its helps to reduce pigmentation and it keeps skin glowing and healthy. It helps to poor circulation all of which helps delay the appearance of Fine Line and wrinkles. And it’s also helps to increase hair volume prevents infections prevent Sun damage.



antioxidants such as the vitamin C found in pomegranates work by reducing cellular damage in your body. It is a great ingredient for skin. It work for most skin types .It is your skins best friend because it is known to have many antiaging benefits .


Pineapple juice contents Vitamin C and beta-carotene . Pineapple can reduce black spots on your face. Pineapple promotes collagen synthesis in the body. Having the right amount of collagen brings flexibility to the skin. pineapple helps to improve your skin and keep your skin young.




A research conducted by new castle university in Britain has revealed that tomato contains an element which is very important for skin protection. Lycopene found in tomatoes also give away the problem of anti-aging .Use of tomato can helps to avoid skin problems such as dry skin during winter. Tomato benefit for the skin also protect from harmful light emanating from the Sun.




Watermelon juice is a vitamin A which shrinks the skin’s pores. This reduces the production of oil from sebaceous glands and does not make the skin to oily.watermelon juice also helps to gives fair complexion to the skin for this you can apply it on the skin either.

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